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We receive enquiries about our products XCNav Edition21 and XCRemote almost daily. Unfortunately, the current poor availability of semiconductor technologies is also causing us a lot of trouble.

Originally promised for the end of March/beginning of April, the delivery of the first series has now been dragging on for weeks. First we had problems with the availability of the display panels. Due to the change to another model, the frame and the housing had to be modified again.

Bottlenecks in the electronic components of the mainboards further delayed the delivery. Initial tests of the new screens showed an unsatisfactory result in the bonding of the display panels to the touch surface, which is an essential part of the readability in sunlight, and we also had to make improvements here to get a 100% product. According to the manufacturer, however, we are now in the final phase of production.

We have not remained idle in the meantime:

On request, we have started with the development of a second touch screen for two-seaters.

This will be connected to the XCNAV Edition21 via HDMI and a serial cable, so that XCSoar can be operated from both seats.

Our app "XCVoice-Your aural Flarm display" has been made available to a group of testers 2 weeks ago and we are waiting for feedback to further develop the tool to market readiness, so we hope for the official release by the end of July.

Our cooperation with the Bremen sail and bag manufacturer "gebeutelt" is also bearing fruit and the first bolt bags and equipment bags are ready and will soon be available in our shop. Document and winglet bags are in progress.

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