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Our individually configurable stick remote control, APProunded by a mobile Android application that lets you select different functions for each of the 4 buttons. With short and long push support, in addition to the navigation button, you can choose from eighteen functions such as checklist, flarm radar, analysis, etc. at the touch of a finger!

As a special highlight, the XCVARIO can now also be operated completely remotely using our XCRemote via XCSOAR! (Volume, MCCReady, STF/Vario, menu control/settings)



And what's special about XC Remote?
It works not only with our XCNAV EDITION21, but with any other Android device with BT function. No matter whether tablet or mobile phone, Kobo or OpenVario.
XCRemote is initially optimised for XCSoar, but also works with LK8000. The button assignment can then be changed directly via the LK8000 User Menu


XCRemote is operated either by connecting to 5 volts via USB or to the 3.3 volts provided by Flarm, for example. Due to the inaccessibility of an integrated battery in flight and the possible dangers associated with it, we have decided against the battery option. Nevertheless, XCRemote, with a (not exposed) mini USB port and an integrated charging circuit, theoretically still has this option, which can also be easily retrofitted on your own.

Assembly is incredibly easy. With an inner diameter of the high-quality CNC aluminum base of 24mm, XCRemote is suitable for all Schleicher aircraft without adaptation. For products from other manufacturers there are adapters for the respective stick diameter included in the price.
XCRemote is simply plugged onto the control link and secured with 3 Allen screws.
The integrated radio button is simply connected to the included quick-soldering connectors and the power supply is connected via USB or RJ12 connector via Flarm.
The STF/Vario function is available in the basic version
Designed for operation with the XCVARIO and works wirelessly via NMEA communication via XCSoar.
If XCRemote is operated with Lk8000 or another Vario, there is the option of an additional STF/VARIO button.
XCRemote has an OVER THE AIR UPDATE function, so it can be updated to the latest firmware version without any removal or screwing. Switching between LK8000 and XCSOAR can also be done easily in just a few steps.

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