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Dear glider pilots


Over the past 1.5 years, we have been working intensively on a new platform for gliding in Europe with the idea of the Interglide. After the initial approval of many manufacturers, it ultimately failed to materialise. Unfortunately, only a small number of the more than 120 manufacturers originally invited signed up by the decision date. This was certainly also due to the double burden of the competing event in Friedrichshafen. It was therefore not possible to ensure that the event could be organised economically.

Due to contractual arrangements with our partner Messe Karlsruhe, it is not possible for us to realise this concept in any other way for a period of 3 years. Unfortunately, this also means that the chance to organise such an event is dying. We regret this very much, because we still believe that such an event would have a positive effect on the perception of our sport and would therefore be a benefit for all of us, athletes and industry!

We are currently supporting the BuKo Segelflug of the DAeC in the search for an alternative venue and club to organise the German Gliding convention.


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