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 Our 5.7-inch XCNAV is on its way!

The wait was worth it! With our small XCNAV, we are expecting a solution for smaller instrument panels soon! As usual, the 5.7" version comes with our sunlight-readable Blanview display with PCAP touchscreen, which is extremely energy-saving and keeps a cool head even in hot environments. In addition to the LTE/4G modem already familiar from the 7" version, we have also added an internal GPS! This makes the XCNAV independent of external GPS sources such as FLARM or BT Gps receivers and perfectly suited for use in touring motor gliders or microlights with apps such as SkyDemon, VFRNav etc.

In addition to 3 serial interfaces for connecting Flarm, radio, variometers or other peripheral devices, the XCNAV naturally has Bluetooth, BLE and Wifi!

The picture is rounded off by 4 additional USB sockets. All connections are of course located on the rear.

The cutout dimensions correspond to those of the 5.7 OpenVario, which allows an upgrade to our XCNAV without panel conversion! Of course, previously used input devices for the OpenVario, such as sticks or rotary encoders, are also compatible with the XCNAV.

We are working flat out to make them ready for series production and hope to be able to put the first devices in the store this spring!

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