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Compact and performant Adapter with 2 RS232 serial interfaces to either Bluetooth or Wireless LAN

Discoverable like any other bluetooth device from Tablets, Mobiles or Navis

-Standard IGC Layout on RS232 Connectors, TTL 5V, TTL 3.3V or +-15V level compatible

-Baudrate 4800,9600,19200,38400,57600 or 115200 baud

-RX/TX line Polarity adaptable by software, interfaces to almost anything with or without level shifter

-Reverse Polarity protected 12V power input (8..20V) via standard RJ45 connector, low power only 30mA

-Ideal to control a radio from Navi (XCSoar, etc.)

-Configurable via Webpage

-Option to get powered via USB interface (5V)

-Data monitor possible via USB/serial from PC e.g. putty

German Handbook:

BT/WiFi serial adapter (XCVARIO)

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